Sports Legacy offers Price Match Guarantee for 30 days within Australia. Terms & Conditions apply**




Sports Legacy offers a 12-month warranty on all bats sold. If a bat has a manufacturer's fault that is not caused by the Customer and is unrepairable, the Customer can choose to exchange it or receive store credit. However, bats will not be refunded or exchanged if the handle breaks, or if there is cracking on the edge, toe, or surface. Such issues do not indicate a fault in the bat, but rather are natural to the product. In such cases, the bat will be repaired at no cost to the Customer under warranty.

It should be noted that the price of a bat does not necessarily indicate its longevity. While Grade 1 willow bats are of superior quality and performance, they are soft in nature and can develop cracks earlier than lower-grade willow bats, which are more dense.

Sports Legacy does not offer warranty for bats that break due to use with bowling machine balls. It is recommended that customers do not use bats against bowling machine balls. Similarly, there is no warranty for dampness and swelling in the toe, as water and willow do not combine well. 

Customers are advised to use additional protection when purchasing a new bat, such as an extratec or fiberglass sleeve, shoe goo, or a rubber toe. It is also recommended that all bats be knocked in to prevent early cracking.


Finally, please note that bats damaged by bowling machines or due to a yorker on the toe are not eligible for warranty. Bats damaged by the use of Bowling Machines are not eligible for Warranty. Also, if the toe of a bat is damaged because of a yorker, is not eligible for a warranty.